Canon 50mm 1.4 USM acquired

Written by Photography

Bokeh anyone? I just received the Canon 50mm 1.4 USM lens from the photographer I work with. My first impressions were that it is very fast, is relatively sharp (starting at f2.0), and is much lighter than my 18-135. As soon as I got the lens home I started cleaning it. I got most of the fingerprints and stains off the barrel, and will buy a rocket blower, and a lens cleaning kit to blow away any dust from the front and rear elements. Nevertheless the lens works flawlessly.

I took some test shots with the lens, and as I had read it is not very sharp at f1.4. Sharpness starts at f2.0. Images 4 through 8 were quick test shots. Since the ISO changes from shot to shot its is not fair to judge the quality of the image based on those pictures. But they do give a reasonable idea of how the lens performs. I will perform better tests and upload them to the review page of the lens. One noticeable thing is the octagonal shaped bokeh rings (Image 8). In total, I received the lens with a 58mm HOYA filter and a ES-71II lens hood.

Another thing on my mind now is dust buildup on the sensor and the rear elements of both my lenses. Hopefully the rocket blower takes care of the lens and the sensor cleaning mechanism takes care of the sensor. I am not ever more excited to go out and try this baby out.