On your mark, get set, go

Written by Tania, Volleyball

Last Update (August 8):
Alongside running, I started lifting weights to stay in shape.

Update (June 6):
I started to run, but felt some foot pain. We ran to the Marina and walked the rest of the way home. We also did our usual workout

Update (June 5):
Missed running due to casual photo shoot. I also bought a new pair of sneakers.

Update (June 4):
We started running but quickly went home after an argument.

Update (June 3):
Tania ran while I rode a bike. Finished in 58min.

Update (June 2):
Today we took another day off because Tania had a final.She needs the next day off as well. But we agreed to resume running on Saturday.

Update (June 1):
We take a day off since Tania had to go to work early to sort things out with her boss, and since my foot hurts. Hopefully we will resume tomorrow.

Update (May 31):
Tania suggested that she will run while I ride a bike. I appreciate that suggestion very much.

Update (May 30):
My foot starts hurting so I promised Tania I will see a podiatrist and get better running shoes.

Started on May 28th:
Today Tania and I began our summer running session. We wake up every morning at 5:45am and run for about an hour.