Photographer’s shots of the game

Here are some shots taken by a photographer who attended Hunter’s volleyball game against the University of New Heaven on March 31st. After looking at the photos, I recall he was primarily using a 1D Mark III along with a 70-200 2.8. He also used a wide angled Sigma lens to take the group shot, and a 400mm Canon lens to take shots from a distance. If I may critique, I think the foreground (subject) in almost every image was very well-lit, but many had a poorly lit background. This gave every image an unnatural tone.

Also, the lens he used in the group portrait (Image 1) does not perform very well. First, you can see that the faces of the players standing are not in focus (probably photographer’s fault), and secondly there’s quite a bit of distortion present thanks to the bleachers. What can I say? At least our knees are in focus. Aside from the little things I think the images were great. He shot from really nice angles and caught many things which I thought were only present to players in the game. Oh, and his name is David W. Hahn.