Campoutkid – Page 47
Later in the day

Later that day we drove to Famous Pizza in Elmhurst Queens and then headed down to the Long Island City pier. Thankfully the temperature was moderately cold so I managed to snap some shots. For some reason

Felix acquires a Volkswagen GTI

Yesterday my best friend purchased a 2011 VW GTI. A 2.0L engine, 200 horses, all wrapped up in a nice metallic carbon steel gray package. The car ride is very smooth, and it corners pretty well. I was

Flushing Bay at night

Tania and I hung out tonight by the flushing bay marina. Though it was cold she allowed me to take some pictures. Who knew that the parking lot was private property? After some time we were kicked out

A Sunday walk

Today I went for a walk with Tania in Queens. We started by walking to the Marina in Flushing Bay, and then headed down to City Field (formerly Shea Stadium). We ended the day by going to Jahn’s and grabbing…

CUNYAC 2011 Men's Volleyball Finals

Today was the CUNYAC Mens Volleyball Finals and Semifinals. The day began with us (Hunter) facing Lehman College in the Semifinals at 4pm, and was then followed by Baruch playing York College’s Cardinals at 6pm. The winners of each match…

A walk on Roosevelt Island

Today was one of the warmest days in the year so far, and I took great advantage of it. Tania and I headed down to Roosevelt Island for a walk, and to check on “the pink flowers from last year”….

Fire Canon 60d with Nokia N900

Today I downloaded an application called pyKake, and used it to release the shutter on my Canon 60d. This app features basic shutter release and a bulb feature as well. It is free, and available in the

Spring is almost here

Today I went out for a walk with Tania, and took pictures of what I thought were signs of spring’s arrival. I began with what was right outside my apartment building and moved on to things which were

Hawks lose three games at Maryland

On Friday afternoon the team headed to Maryland on a “limobus” to face Pfeiffer, Stevenson University and Philadelphia Biblical University. Arriving late, we saw it as quite a challenge to beat Pfeiffer.

Demir’s birthday party

Today, Saturday was Demir’s birthday. I arrived at 7:15, and decided to stick with the children who were playing Xbox Kinect. I enjoyed myself greatly and learned a lot more about photography which I