Campoutkid – Page 46
Ming accompanies me to school

Ming and I decided to ride to school today. We met at 8 a.m. in Queens and pedaled our way through the streets, up the 59th Street Bridge all the way to college. It took no more than half an…

Long Island City in one hour

Tania and I decided to go for a run today, so I suggested that she drives me to Long Island city (since she had to go to class),and go to class while I take some pictures. I walked around for…

Mom’s birthday

Today is my Mom’s birthday! I bought here a keepsake azalea plant and plan to take her out to eat later in the evening. I’m already thinking what to get her for May 8th (mother’s day). Without a doubt,

Flushing Meadows after Spring Break

I went out one last time before spring break was over. Thankfully, the weather was warm, and we (Tania and I) were able to stay out for a long time. These are just a couple of shots I snapped along…

Touring Route 125 in PA

Felix, Tania and I drove west from New York to Pine Grove Pennsylvania. Once in Pine Grove we drove 32 miles through Route 125 all the way to Shamokin. It was a very twisty, scenic, calm, smooth, and nonetheless

We made easter eggs

Today Tania and I headed down to Ikea in Brooklyn to buy some furniture and curtains for her room. We then went down to an arts and crafts store to pick up some paint and brushes in order to paint…

Steef's into Photography.

As promised, Steef and I met up today and set out to Best Buy in search for a rubberized sleeve for his new Ipod Classic. Little did I know but Steef dove into photography just as much as I did….

Accident on Northern Boulevard

Before Tania went home we decided to go for a walk through Jackson Heights. From my house we walked to Northern Boulevard, on which we discovered an accident. It was a black SUV which collided with another

Long exposure attempt two

Tania and I hung out today and watched Shooter which starred Mark Wahlberg. It was a really good movie considering the fact that it was slightly unrealistic, and we were able to make jokes about it. After

Spring break is here!

The wait is finally over, spring break is here. I’m excited to have some time off from classes, and hope to use it wisely. I have a lot in stock for my week off. I plan to meet with some…