Campoutkid – Page 44
Jackson Heights pride parade

After work I walked to Tania’s house. On my way there I saw the 2011 pride parade. I managed to snap some shots right before it was over. I feel as though every year there is a greater turnout. After

New job update

My new job does come with some benefits. First of all, I do get to learn a lot of new stuff, and secondly I am spending time outside of my house as I had hoped to. Something happened today which…

Summer photography job

I went to a photography office today after being invited by a photographer from a previous wedding. My first thoughts were what to wear, what will I do and will this be permanent. Even before I started

BG-E9 battery grip

So today I started my summer by treating myself to the Canon BG-E9 vertical battery grip. I must say that the grip feels great, and product does indeed add more wight to the camera body itself. Since I

Fleet week at Battery Park

Since I was overjoyed about finals being over, I decided to head to the city with Tania. I feel as though I did very well in school this semester and can’t believe how far I have come. Prior to arriving

On your mark, get set, go

Last Update (August 8): Alongside running, I started lifting weights to stay in shape. Update (June 6): I started to run, but felt some foot pain. We ran to the Marina and walked the rest of the

Beautiful parasite

Feeling really good today since I completed my third final successfully. I decided to shoot something at home. This is a flower from the plant Tania gave to my mother for her birthday last year. I also

Photographer's shots of the game

Here are some shots taken by a photographer who attended Hunter’s volleyball game against the University of New Heaven on March 31st. After looking at the photos, I recall he was primarily using a 1D

Acquired coaches award

At this year’s athletic banquet I was awarded the men’s Volleyball Coaches Award, and received a certificate for maintaining a good GPA. Just as last year’s banquet we ate some food, heard some speeches,

Importance of post-processing

Though the left side isn’t edited fully, you can still get an idea of the importance of post-processing your images. Not only is the grass greener (due to increased saturation), but the color temperature