Campoutkid – Page 44
One Sunday afternoon

Went out with Felix today. We made our way around Jackson Heights’ Sunday market. The weather was great, and the sky only complemented it. Felix bought some blueberries, and later treated me to some iced

Roosevelt Island Tram

As promised, I took Tania to go for a ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram. After arriving on the island we took a stroll up its western edge. Some time passed and we decided to head south to the Tram….

Trying something new

I decided to take any time I had to go out and use my new lens. As usual I walked around the neighborhood, and tested out the new fifty. To be honest, there wasn’t much to shoot in Jackson Heights…

Nike Air Jordan XIII

Felt like going outside today to shoot, but the weather restricted me. So I took out this sneaker and took some shots of it instead. Here are the Air Jordan XIII’s. Their design was inspired by a panther.

Canon 50mm 1.4 USM acquired

Bokeh anyone? I just received the Canon 50mm 1.4 USM lens from the photographer I work with. My first impressions were that it is very fast, is relatively sharp (starting at f2.0), and is much lighter

An early night stroll

Tania and I went for a walk after she returned from school. We began from Jackson Heights and walked to Sunnyside. The walk was more pleasurable as compared to the ones we had during the winter and spring

Jackson Heights pride parade

After work I walked to Tania’s house. On my way there I saw the 2011 pride parade. I managed to snap some shots right before it was over. I feel as though every year there is a greater turnout. After

New job update

My new job does come with some benefits. First of all, I do get to learn a lot of new stuff, and secondly I am spending time outside of my house as I had hoped to. Something happened today which…

Summer photography job

I went to a photography office today after being invited by a photographer from a previous wedding. My first thoughts were what to wear, what will I do and will this be permanent. Even before I started

BG-E9 battery grip

So today I started my summer by treating myself to the Canon BG-E9 vertical battery grip. I must say that the grip feels great, and product does indeed add more wight to the camera body itself. Since I