April 2016 – Campoutkid
American Turners VBLI Tournament Champions

American Turners VBLI Tournament Champions

Another win at American Turners volleyball gym. I didn’t record any footage during this tournament, but I did receive this pic from Ray after the tournament.

My first NY Tech Meetup at NYU's Skirball Center

My first NY Tech Meetup at NYU’s Skirball Center

I decided to partake in my first tech meetup. I found out about NY Tech Meetup through an application called Meetup. NY Tech Meetup is a technical group which meets in NYU’s Skirball Center and has presentation on new and…

Mo time with Moe

Mo time with Moe

Some good times with Moe today. I remember the days we played basketball together and hung out after class hours in high school. I recently connected with him again through Instagram and we decided to meet. We haven’t seen each…

It's been a while

It’s been a while

It has been a while since I took my camera out. I miss taking interesting pictures and logging them in my blog. I got a little inspiration today to take some pics on my home from work. For the 100th…