Attraction to originality

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With our victory against York and Vasser yesterday, Ray decided to give us the day off. I spend the early part of the day helping Jay photograph some old equipment he plans to sell online. In the process I also received some filters and a cleaning kit free of charge. This motivated me to go outside and shoot since I had some extra free time on my hand.

I left my house just as I would any other day. I was wondering where I would shoot. After walking for a while I decided not to rush things. Instead of me looking for thins to photograph, I established some rules for myself. Firstly, I decided not to rush. I paced slowly waiting for my surroundings to reveal itself. I also decided not to shoot anything which could be shot on another day. By this I mean I did not want to shoot stagnant objects. Bridges, scenic views, and other stationary things were out of the equation.

I decided to shoot people for a change. It was challenging, but I felt improvement with every shot. It began with the old man with a wrinkled face, and my imagination ran from then on. I love the image on the subway. Similarly, every other image allows me to see something different. I truly feel that each image could not have been captured on another day, and I therefore feel satisfied. The decided to leave the images in black and white because much more attention is drawn to the subjects in that manner. Most of all, I enjoyed the freedom of being able to capture the lives of people I haven’t previously met.