AND1 basketball team vs Hunter College

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The AND1 basketball team showed up to the hawk’s nest today to play the winners from hunter college’s 5 on 5 tournament. The star of the show was AO (Aaron Owens). The Elevator also showed up along with a dozen other players. The game began at 8:30 with some intensive dunking. The AND1 team was throwing the ball carelessly between their legs, around their waist and off the heads of their opponents. They beat Hunter with a whopping 102 points.

The best part was being able to walk onto the court and take shots of these guys. I recall watching AO during my high school days, and now I’m shooting him giving alley-oops to his teammates. Wish I could have seen more of AND1’s legends, but I was happy nonetheless with the players who showed up. Aside from the players, the event also had some performances, a live DJ, an MC, and many giveaways.

Without a doubt this was a great way to wind down after such a stressful week of test and essays. I look forward to attend and take pictures of any more featured events Hunter plans to hold in the near future.