Weekly walk with Tania

For the past couple of weeks Tania and I have been taking walks. This week we went in the morning (instead of our usual nighttime stroll) since she was Tired. I guess it’s better since we get to see more…

Brighton Beach Volleyball

Had an awesome day playing some beach volleyball with some great people today. We started early around 9am. I decided to get there by bicycle which took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. It was a good workout and was…

Plattekill Clove

Tania and I spent a small part of memorial day weekend upstate. She wanted to go for a hike and suggested we go to a waterfall (Plattekill Cove). We arrived around 5pm and began walking. We hiked along the blue…

Starting with Kubernetes and Docker in Peekskill

Tania and I headed upstate today to enjoy some time away from the city. The was planning on reading (for nursing school) while I was going to get started on learning Kubernetes and Docker to make effective use of my…

Intel NUC virtualization setup

I picked up the Intel NUC yesterday and have been configuring it for virtualization. I think I’ve got it, and before I forget what I’ve learned I will jot everything down. Just as I mentioned in yesterday’s post the first…


After recently updating by laptop’s HDD to a Samsung V-Nand SSD 860 EVO I had a HDD laying around needing to be re-purposed. I had a home server some years ago which this blog was run from, but I resorted…

Whale Watching in Boston Harbor

Went whale watching with Tania and my mom today at the New England Aquarium. It was about a 3.5 hour excursion out to towards Provincetown. We saw several whales. Quite the sight to see. I have updated the image resolution…

2018 USAV Nationals in Dallas Texas – Day 5
2018 USAV Nationals in Dallas Texas - Day 4
2018 USAV Nationals in Dallas Texas - Day 3
2018 USAV Nationals in Dallas Texas - Day 2
2018 USAV Nationals in Dallas Texas - Day 1
Katimba 2018 Winter Volleyball Semifinals

We (Katimba) had our quarterly NYUrban Volleyball Playoffs today. We lost in 3 sets. Feels bad losing, but hey you cant win them all.

2018 NAGVA Volleyball Tournament - Queens College

Me lo pasé increíble jugando con un increíble grupo de hombres. Los videos de abajo fueron de nuestro segundo día jugando en el torneo NAGVA en Queens College. Este va a ser el equipo de David yendo a los nacionales….